Monday, July 17, 2017

Another Busy Week....

On Saturday, we went to Maggiano's for dinner, to celebrate my first-born daughter's birthday. Only three of her children were there; the fourth is in Dallas, doing a workshop in anthropology. It was a nice gathering, although two of her siblings were unable to attend. We ate our fill, and thanks to the restaurant's policy of allowing you to take home a serving - we left with a shopping bag full of Italian delicacies.  I tried to upload a photo, but Blogger is not cooperating this morning. 

On Saturday, the clubhouse here showed the movie "Miss Sloane". It stars Jessica Chastain, and is a fast-paced story about a Washington lobbyist. I enjoyed it. 

On Sunday, our son came for breakfast, as we were joined by our granddaughter Jessica, the budding artist. She had gifted her mother with a painting of hydrangeas, and we all wish it was ours. Again, Blogger will not allow a photo. We have developed a habit of having poached eggs on Sunday, and quite often we have guests, which is fine, as we love having them. 

Sunday afternoon, my son and I went to the outdoor pool at the clubhouse, the first time for me since we moved in in December of 2015. The water was warm, just as I like it - and I didn't really want to get out to go home. But I had signed up to view a documentary that evening, titled "Remarkable Journey", about the Asian Indian community in NC. It was fascinating and ended too soon. Then we were invited to go to a new Indian restaurant nearby, named "Persis." I don't think they were prepared for an invasion of about 20 people; service was slow, the menus were not in English, we had no idea of what we were ordering, and the waiter didn't speak English well enough for us to understand him. It was what a Navy man would call a "SNAFU".  I ordered some form of Tandoori chicken and it was given to the woman seated next to me, whom I didn't know.   Eventually we all got served, and we tasted some of everything (well some of them did - I am not very adventurous when it comes to food I don't recognize.) The best part was the complimentary dessert, something mango and frozen, similar to ice cream or sorbet. I'd go back just to order that!! I didn't get photos of all the foods, but since Blogger won't let me post them - I guess it wouldn't matter.....LOL

I spoke with the young man who introduced the documentary; he is the current mayor Pro-tem of an area near where I live. I mentioned that my son's best friend in high school was an Indian boy, with whom he had lost contact after high school. That boy died two years ago - and he happened to be the best friend of the man who introduced the movie. It was nice to make that connection, especially since we still mourn our friend's passing. RIP, Alok!

Thursday, July 06, 2017

Nothing Much to Report.....

Since I last posted, we celebrated our 53rd anniversary. We went to my favorite restaurant - Kanki - and I ate shrimp and chicken, instead of steak, since I still have a temporary cap on a molar and I thought steak might dislodge it. The food was great, as usual, and they gave us a complimentary dish of ice cream (only one). Jim told me to get my own dish - which wasn't very nice or in the spirit of an anniversary - but we shared it. 

We had a quiet fourth of July. When the fireworks started about 9 pm, the poor cat jumped up on the arm of my chair and shook. I petted her and she seemed to quiet down a bit. Moppet is the first cat we've ever had who showed any reaction to fireworks. That is usually the purview of dogs. My favorite childhood dog - named Kippy - went nuts on any occasion with loud noises. Mom locked her in our basement one New Year's Eve and came home from a party to find a badly damaged door.  

Our local Scrabble group met, even though it was a holiday, which I appreciated. I hate missing my Scrabble - even though I play about 30 games online, it is nice to play in person, with friends. We have even talked of adding a second day of the games; playing in someone's home. I'd love that!

The week coming up will be extremely busy; a movie on Saturday, a documentary on Sunday, luncheons on Monday and Tuesday, hearing aid adjustments on Wednesday, as well as a yoga class and another luncheon on Saturday, to celebrate my daughter's birthday. I have to fit grocery shopping in there somewhere! 

What are you up to this hot and humid summer?

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

My Dear, Old Friend

We drove up to Arlington yesterday for my daughter's work, and today we drove back down to near Fredericksburg, VA, to see Patty, who recently moved there from Florida. She lives in a nice assisted living, and three of her /four children all live fairly nearby. 

I have known Patty since high school and college, and she is very special to me. I'd like to think she is special to Jim because she led him to meet me - but that might be stretching it a bit. LOL

At any rate, we were both very happy to see her, and her older daughter today, and find that she is doing well in her new home.  Stay well, Patty, we promise to return before too long.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

My Dental Saga....UPDATE

On Wednesday, I went to the UNC Dental School to get a temporary crown installed. It went well, but after I went home and had lunch - it fell off. I had not eaten anything hard - it was a soft burger from Wendy's. So I texted my student dentist and he asked me to come back (to urgent care) to have it put back. I went back immediately, and a student named "Tsua" glued it back on for me. 

At dinner that evening, which was about as soft as I could make it - a tomato sandwich on plain bread - there were no problems, but at 7 pm, as I was going out the door to a party, it fell out again. A text from my student suggested I could come back on either Thursday or Friday; I decided to go back ASAP. 

On Thursday morning, I saw a woman student, named Natalie, who reapplied the crown. I doubt that a crane could pry it loose now.  I hate to say it, but it took a woman to get the job done!!

This Monday, I go back to have the final impression taken and I should be able to get the permanent crown in a week or two. It's a very good thing that the dental school is only 12 miles from my home; we go the "back" way, which has little traffic.  Otherwise, the four trips there and back would frustrate me as much as finding parking does. Parking is in short supply there, and it often takes me as long to find a parking spot as it did to get into Chapel Hill. I certainly hope that my next visit goes well and that the permanent crown is a piece of cake, so to speak.

On Monday, they had to remove the temp. crown, do some grinding and re-apply it. It was fine during dinner (scrambled eggs) but at breakfast (soggy Cheerios) it fell off - yet again. I am losing my nearly infinite patience. Jim says "this is what happens when you try to save money."  I suppose he would have preferred I went to the regular dentist and paid $1400 for the work. I can't win.

Thursday, June 08, 2017

We Couldn't Wait for It to Open...

but now I wonder why. On Monday, the women from my new neighborhood went out to lunch, at a new Italian place, of which we had all impatiently awaited the opening. There were twelve of us. 

The menu is fairly extensive, and I wish I had ordered something else. My sausage sandwich had good bread, but the sausage had an off taste (not fennel), and the peppers had been sauteed to their death in enough olive oil to sink a ship.  It was a soggy, unpleasant mess.  Also on the plate was a pasta salad, featuring orzo, peppers, pimiento, and the aforementioned large amount of olive oil. I'm surprised it didn't slide off the plate!!

Most of the women enjoyed their luncheon; there was eggplant rollatine, chicken Parmesan, several salads, including caprese, and baked ziti. It was all devoured with relish - except for mine.  The lady next to me ordered decaf coffee (which was said to be from Peru), and she sent it back, saying it was bitter. 

The odd thing is that this new place is owned by the same people who own a very popular Italian place here in Raleigh, and we expected it to be a carbon-copy. It may be that I ordered the only thing on the menu that was not good, and because of that, I will go and try it again.  I'll let you know how it goes.  

Saturday, May 27, 2017

More Travel Photos

This time from Munich and surrounding areas....1. leaving over the Alps, 2. A plaque at Dachau, 3. Ovens at Dachau, 4. a gate at Dachau, 5. a statuary at Dachau, 6. A Munich street scene.

Friday, May 26, 2017

The Travelogue Continues - Scenes from Barcelona

The captions will not go where I want them; You are seeing Barcelona Cathedral, Gaudi's Cathedral - Sagrada Familia, and surroundings. 

My family could not get into Sagrada Familia, due to large crowds and long lines. I guess the lines to get gelato were more tolerable. Pistachio is my very favorite!!

I hope you enjoy the pictures, even though they are not labeled.